Record Summer: NYC Hits 80-Degree Mark for 47th Straight Day

This summer is one for the record books.

The mercury has inched above the 80-degree mark for 47 straight days in Central Park, marking the longest stretch of weather above 80 degrees on record in New York City. The mark smashes a previous record of 41 days above 80 degrees set in 2011. 

With another warming trend on the way, it looks like the record warm streak could be extended past the 50-day mark, Storm Team 4 says. 

Temperatures Wednesday, Thursday and Friday should all be in the low to mid 80s with lots of sunshine and low humidity.

Storm Team 4 says the heat and humidity will crank up again this weekend. The high on Saturday will climb to the upper 80s, while it could hit 90 degrees Sunday. Temperatures could also hit 90 on Monday. 

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