New Father, His Parents Among Victims Killed in Head-on Crash; Wife, Baby Remain in Hospital

The 25-year-old driver who hit the family of five was pronounced dead at the scene

A family from India has been identified as the victims in a vehicle hit head-on by a 25-year-old man who lost control of his pickup truck on Long Island Monday night. 

Gustave Geyer, the truck driver, crashed into the family's Nissan Altima on Yaphank Middle Island Road and was immediately killed. Also killed were Chandan Gavai, a 38-year-old new father, and his parents, 60-year-old Archana Gavai and 74-year-old Kamalnayan Gavai. 

Gavai was in the United States on a work visa, working with an IT firm, and he and his family lived in Hauppauge, friends said. His parents were visiting. 

Gavai's 32-year-old wife and the couple's 11-month-old son survived the crash, but the wife remains in critical condition at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital. The baby boy is also still hospitalized, but he is expected to live. 

Family members were expected to begin arriving from India this week to make funeral arrangements and to care for the baby. 

Yaphank Middle Island Road was closed down a mile away from the scene of the collision Tuesday morning. A cop car blocked access to the road at Shannon Boulevard as rain poured down.

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