Golf, Bushwick Style

Meet the Putting Lot

Everyone’s familiar with the site of abandoned buildings or half-completed construction projects around the city.  But in Bushwick, a group of eco-minded residents had a new vision for an empty lot.

Meet the Putting Lot on Wykoff Street.  Formerly a vacant, garbage covered lot, it is now a minature golf course.
The volunteer-run course was designed by Brooklyn artists using only recycled materials.

The designer of the course explained her vision.

"When the recession started, there were a lot of construction projects that just stopped in Bushwick,"  Gabriel Fries-Briggs, 23, told the Daily News.

The duo and 20 volunteers worked ten hours a day for four straight days to clear the lot, the News reported.
The Putting Lot will remain open Wednesdays through Sundays until Sept. 6. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for kids.

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