Meet the Goats of Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn's got your goat. 

A herd of four Nubian goats will be working along the berm at the Pier 3 uplands at Brooklyn Bridge Park over the summer, clearing the landscape of weed growth in an eco-friendly way. 

Humans or machinery would have trouble with the berm's steep incline, which makes the goats, four brothers named Horatio, Eyebrows, Minnie and Hector, uniquely qualified for the job. 

The goats will be protected inside a perimeter fence and will be overseen by Brooklyn Bridge Park staff for the duration of their stay. They will be kept in a shed over night. 

Goats have been used for similar purposes at Prospect Park, Freshkills Park, Pelham Bay Park, and other parks throughout the tri-state area, including at Fort Hancock in New Jersey.

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