New York

Gigantic Tree Mysteriously Falls in the Bronx, Swallowing Homes in Branches

An enormous (and that's an understatement) tree somehow fell on a Bronx neighborhood street Tuesday, stretching from one yard all the way across the roadway and enveloping at least three homes in its sprawling branches.

One person suffered minor injuries in the 9:45 a.m. accident and was taken to the hospital. The individual is expected to be OK. Some homes also appeared damaged, but the extent was difficult to ascertain from chopper and ground footage. 

Neighbors expressed disbelief there weren't more injuries given the tree fell at a time people were heading to work and camp. 

It's not clear why the tree fell, but one neighbor speculated recent rain may have eaten away at the root structure.

Traffic delays should be expected in the area as authorities work to clear the behemoth carcass from the road. 

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