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CIA recruiting Wall Streeters to follow bad guys' money

Those financial wizards who helped bring down the U.S. economy now have the chance to use their powers for good -- working for the CIA.

The spy agency is looking for former investment bankers and hedge fund managers to use their money know-how to help catch terrorists, according to the New York Post. The $160,000-a-year salary might be enticing for most of us, but these folks probably consider it volunteer work -- which might do their souls good.

The CIA has been advertising the jobs on Bloomberg Radio, hoping to recruit investment bankers, analysts and hedge fund bigs to use their "intelligence for the work of a nation."

 Private interviews are set for June 22 at a secret Manhattan location, reports the Post. Applicants are advised not to call, but to just e-mail their information.

The agency hopes the fallen Wall Street kings can provide guidance for everything from tracking where Afghan drug traffickers park their billions to which economies are the most vulnerable to manipulation, the Post reported.

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