George Soros' Money Sends Families Running Out the Door

Billionaire helps state give each kid on food stamps $200

There was a run on banks and check-cashing outposts across the city as thousands of families were eager to get their hands on a massive back-to-school giveaway courtesy of the federal government and billionaire George Soros.

"It's a help," Tania Gomez of Chelsea told the the New York Daily News. "Every penny counts nowadays. It's really something that was unexpected."

Families already receiving food stamps saw an extra $200 per kid between the ages of 3 and 17 hit their EBT cards. Fears that the money would be pulled back or run out sent parents and their kids rushing to cash in.

"Rumors, there's always rumors," mother of three Teresa Medina told the News.

Federal stimulus money was the source of $140 million, with Soros kicking in another $35 million.

"This gift has a special personal meaning to me, because I was once also a recipient of charity," said a choked up Soros. "I'm very pleased that I'm able to repay what they gave me."

Republicans, not surprisingly, saw the handout as a grave mistake.

"It is a plan that is ripe for fraud and abuse," said Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos. "This is a totally irresponsible use of federal stimulus money."

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