New Jersey

Students Rehearsing Play Get Sick at New Jersey School: Police

A New Jersey elementary school was briefly evacuated when three fourth-grade students each reported feeling ill within moments of one another.

The students were rehearsing their end-of-year play at Valley View School in Lebanon when they all began to feel nauseous and light-headed, according to police. 

Their teachers called 911 and evacuated the school, and responding firefighters checked the building. The students were taken next door to Catholic Church during the evacuation, according to school officials. 

No carbon monoxide was registered. An all-clear was issued within about a half-hour, police say. The students were evaluated on scene and turned over to their parents.

"It could have been nerves, or there's apparently a stomach virus going around, and that could have been a pre-cursor," the chief of the police department told News 4. 

The boilers were turned off at the school Tuesday because of the warm weather. 

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