Fly LGA-JFK? Move the Empire State Bldg to Brooklyn? The Best NYC April Fool's Gags

On April Fool's Day, everyone tries to crack wise. Some succeed.

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It's April Fool's Day, and everyone has jokes. Some, however, are a little better than others.

These are some of the funnier NYC-themed gags on social media so far this year.

Move the Empire State Building?

Who says government can't have a sense of humor? The NYC Department of Buildings scored some points with this one.

Fly Across Queens?

JetBlue is on a hiring spree in the New York City area, so it makes sense the airline would have a little fun with the locals.

3rd Avenue, the Bike Superhighway?

Would you believe a well-respected transit blog if it told you the mayor was going to radically reshape Manhattan traffic by turning Third Avenue into a bicycle highway?

You shouldn't.

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