On First Day of Spring, Look Back at Winter's Wrath

Thursday is the first day of spring, so there is no better time to look back at the havoc that winter wreaked on the tri-state.

  • The coldest temperature recorded in Central Park all winter was 4 degrees on Jan. 7, and the warmest was 71 degrees on Dec. 22.
  • Snow fell in Central Park on 24 days, or about 26 percent of the season that began Dec. 20.
  • There were 29 days at or below freezing.
  • Since the start of December, so beginning slightly before the official start of winter, 57.4 inches of snow have fallen in Central Park, making this the seventh snowiest winter on record.

The forecast for the first few days of spring is looking bright: the tri-state will see 50s for the next few days, and possibly 60 on Saturday.

But temps fall back into the 30s with a chance of snow early in the week.

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