Police Investigate Report of Fetus in Trash Bag

Police are investigating a report of an apparent human fetus found inside a trash bag on a Queens sidewalk Wednesday evening. 

A neighbor in East Elmhurst called 911 after spotting a black trash bag in front of her home at 99th Street and 31st Avenue.

She told police she kicked the bag, then reached in and saw a jar containing what looked like a human fetus. 

A neighbor said he drove by the bag before police arrived and before anyone knew what was inside.

"I drive by, the bag's on the floor," said Antonio Estrella. "Coming back from the supermarket now, I see this crowd and obviously they've got this bag taped off. It's like, wow." 

"It's terrible. Everybody's in shock," said neighbor Salvador Lopez. 

The medical examiner and police were investigating.

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