Even You Can Stay at the Waldorf for $200

Even if you're rockin' the white socks and sandals, great hotel prices await around town this summer.

Sure the Marriotts and Hiltons are dropping prices, but the headliner here is the Waldorf-Astoria. The Midtown landmark has no reservations about dropping prices to $200 for an overnight stay in some of its rooms.

"I found it on hotels.com," said PR exec Jason Ledder, a New Jersey resident who treated his girlfriend to a night in the city last month. "If you just do a little bit of research, you can capitalize on some luxury overnight stays that people in my economic universe have not been afforded in the past."

Ledder said the cheap room wasn't too small, even adding that "there was an upgrade available, so we got the concierge service and it all came to about $220."

Hotel prices around the city averaged $203 in April, down from $273 in April last year, according to research cited by The Daily News.

The Waldorf is owned by Hilton, which has two other properties offering some cheap rooms, The Daily News reported.

Marriott has joined in the fun too. After a 20-percent discount, you can stay at its Marquis location in Times Square for about $300, and at its Courtyard Midtown East joint for $183, according to the paper.

Most rooms at St. Mark's in the East Village, which often caters to international travelers, are down about $20.

"We're not doing as great this year as last year because of the recession," said Sam, a front-desk agent. "That's why we've dropped the prices, and we're doing OK with that."

Sam said prices ranged from $140-$170 last year, with tax, but those figures have dipped to between $120 and $150.

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