Easter Bunny Has Two Noses in Connecticut

Pet store owner bombarded with media calls

A Connecticut pet store owner is being bombarded with phone calls this week, just not from neighbors hoping to buy a cat or dog or hamster.

Instead, local media outlets are calling about the bunny with two noses.

"It's especially interesting around Easter," said Tom Fomenko Sr., who owns Purr-Fect Pets in Milford.

The 7-week-old bunny has been in Fomenko's store for about a week.

"When we realized it had two noses, we Googled it and couldn't find another one with two noses anywhere on the planet," Fomenko said.

Speaking of planets, Fomenko said he called Animal Planet, as the popular cable network has a show about animal oddities.

"It's definitely an oddity," he said. "People are interested in seeing the bunny with two noses."

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