East Rutherford, N.J.: Home of the 2014 Super Bowl

New Meadowlands Stadium will host a cold-weather Super Bowl in 2014

Sometimes a "Snow Bowl's" chance in hell is enough.

The New Meadowlands Stadium has been selected as the first Super Bowl host site that's neither in a warm weather city nor under a dome.  Take that, Florida.  Cold weather be damned,  the biggest game in the world is going to be played in the greatest city in the world.

While the selection is undoubtedly a victory for the region, bringing in estimated $600 million in local revenue, whether it was a victory for the Big Apple or Garden State is a matter of debate.

“In 2014, the world’s biggest game will take place on the world’s biggest stage,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “We’re the City that hosted ‘the greatest game ever played’ more than 50 years ago, and we’ll be ready for Super Bowl XLVIII. Our restaurants, stores and hotels will be ready. "

But New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez hailed the decision by NFL owners as a victory for Jersey.

“Touchdown, New Jersey!," said Menendez. "At long last, the biggest, most famous and most vibrant region in the world has scored the world’s biggest sporting event. Hosting the Super Bowl will allow us to showcase New Jersey and to reap the economic benefits that a week’s worth of events and thousands of visitors will bring."

Gov. Chris Christie, who watched the announcement from Redds sports bar near the stadium, cheered, "New Jersey and the Super Bowl, perfect together!"

Despite the conspiracy theorists, the announcement that the new home of the Giants and Jets will be the home of SuperBowl XLVIII caught many in the region by surprise.  

The nation's premier sporting event has a forty-plus year history of  selecting warm weather cities of domed stadium for its marquee game.

But Jets player Nick Mangold echoed many true football fans sentiments when he said, "As an offensive lineman, I love the cold."

He also predicted the first ever Super Bowl starring two home teams -- the Jets and Giants.

John Vigorito was one person who thought the weather would sink the area's chances. But now that it's coming, he's happy.

"Traffic will be the only problem," said Vigorito, of Pompton Plains.

Businesses like Steve's Sizzling Steaks, just a couple of punts away from the Meadowlands, are already anticipating a week's worth of business.

"Every night will be a Saturday night ... for all the local restaurants," said Blaze Damiani, grandson of the man who founded the restaurant back in 1936.

As for longtime waitress Anke Moran, who has been serving up steaks to a red meat crown since 1981, she has one word for what the SuperBowl means to her: "Money."

Moran added that she would expect at least an extra $50 to $100 a night for the week leading up to The Game.

Just down Route 17 and still in East Rutherford, there is Shakers.

It's a Go-Go bar, and owner Tony D'Amore is already planning for the crowds he will expect three and a half years from now.

Noting that he never opens on SuperBowl Sundays, 2014 will be different.

"If it's in the Meadowlands, we'll be open," D'Amore told NBC New York.

Although many events will be held in Manhattan, the CEO of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce, Jim Kirkos, predicts New Jersey can expect up to 50% of the dollars spent by the league and fans.

"The economic impact for northern New Jersey we expect to be as much as $200 million," Kirkos said.

That is a lot of hotel rooms, restaurant meals, Go-Go bar entertainment, and if it snows, overtime for the highway crews that will battle to keep the roads and parking lots open.

And that's enough to heat the entire region up.

“No matter how cold the weather may be, a Super Bowl set in the New York area will warm the hearts of football fans everywhere by reminding them how the game was meant to be played—in the elements," said New York Senator Chuck Schumer. "There is no better venue in America than the New York area and no better stadium than the New Meadowlands to host an event of this size and this magnitude.”

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