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8 Years Later, Handwritten Note Lands Long Island Man Volkswagen Bus of His Dreams

Talk about fate

What to Know

  • A Long Island man slipped a handwritten note inside a Volkswagen bus eight years ago; the then 16-year-old called it his "future car"
  • A family in Oakland, California, who had bought the van new and took it on cross-country trips called him last week and said they found it
  • The family gave the NYer the van on the condition he update them on its restoration and go on plenty of adventures

A Long Island man has the car of his dreams eight years after he slipped a note inside the window of a blue 1971 Volkswagen bus that the then-16-year-old called his "future car."

Kyle Cropsey, of Lindenhurst, got a call last week from Cris Mead, of Oakland, California. Mead's father, Cornelius, had purchased the van new and named it Matilda, taking his family on cross-country trips.

The son was cleaning it out after his father's death when he came across Cropsey's note tucked in the VW's log book.

Cris Mead tells Newsday the family decided to give Cropsey the van, on the condition he update them on its restoration and "go on plenty of adventures."

Cropsey, who is 23 and teaches English, says "it was fate."

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