Donor's $1.5M Check Bounces; Class Trip Canceled

Students at Enterprise High School in East Williamsburg feel cheated.

Students at a Brooklyn high school were all but packed to make an overnight class trip to the nation's capital -- thanks to $1.5 million from a wealthy donor.

But their elated expressions have turned to frowns with news that the donor's generous check has bounced.

The class trip has been canceled. And students at Enterprise High School in East Williamsburg feel cheated.

"How did it happen?" wondered Shareal Valdez, a senior. "How was he able to scam $1.5 million coming to a school?"

The donor, who said his name is Juan Diaz Rivera and called himself "Dr. Diaz," is known to NYPD investigators as who has a history of writing bad checks and attempting to use them to buy cars.

Carlos Santiago, a senior, wondered why school officials weren't a bit more skeptical about the donation.

"I don't know who gives $1.5 million to a random school," he said. "A random person coming in and giving you money? Where'd he come from?"

School officials declined to discuss the matter.

The city Department of Education is reviewing its donation policies, sources told NBC 4 New York.

The city's website states that "gifts of $1,000 or more must be reported to a senior grant officer." It's unclear whether the school followed that directive.

"That's a whole bunch of opportunities gone," said Valdez.

A special investigator for city schools has been looking into the donation. No arrest has been made.

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