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An Art Exhibit Designed Just for Dogs is Opening in NYC

Who says art exhibits aren't for dogs?

dOGUMENTA, an art exhibit specifically for dogs, is coming to New York City this summer.

The Exhibit runs from Aug. 11-13 and is presented by Arts Brookfield in Manhattan. It is being dubbed as America’s first art exhibit designed specifically for canine eyes.

dOGUMENTA will commission ten new pieces of art for the exhibit and the exhibit itself will be free for both dogs and their human companions. Specific details in the art, such as colors, sounds and lights are meant to grab the attention of dogs and keep them engaged as they walk through the exhibit.

The exhbit came about when Jessica Dawson, a New York City-based art critic, reporter and professor of art history, recognized that her rescue dog, Rocky, was interested in the art that they would see when walking through galleries.

“I was surprised to see that Rocky could sniff out some of the best artwork in New York,” Dawson said. “I realized that canine sensibility might be the key to navigating today’s complex art world.”

Dawson said she could tell Rocky saw art differently than she did and realized she could learn from, and relay to others, his unique perspective. Dawson gave a presentation at the dOGUMENTA launch event, titled “5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Art.”

In her presentation, Dawson said that Rocky taught her how to “stay curious,” “be fearless,” “love despite limitations,” “go with your gut” and to “[not] sweat the trends,” when it comes to viewing and interpreting art. 

Rocky is listed as a curator on the dOGUMENTA website as well as Dawson and Mica Scalin, a creative development consultant and partner at Another Limited Rebellion, an art an innovation studio.

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