New York

Drone Used in Daring Rescue of Skippy the Dog, Trapped Halfway Down a 400-Foot Gorge in New York

What to Know

  • Skippy went missing at Letchworth State Park two days ago
  • Authorities got a call about a barking dog possibly stuck in the gorge, and rescuers used a drone to pinpoint the pup's location
  • A rescuer was lowered down and brought the dog to safety

A lost dog named Skippy was rescued after being trapped about halfway down a 400-foot gorge on Monday, authorities say. 

Authorities responded to reports about a barking dog possibly stuck in the gorge area of Hogsback Overlook at Letchworth State Park, about 60 miles east of Buffalo. 

The gorge is steep and wooded for roughly 200 feet before it transitions to a sheer vertical shale wall to the bottom. The area is too steep to climb back up and has a sheer vertical drop below, authorities say. 

Police couldn't see Skippy; they could only hear his barks. So park police worked with Livingston County Sheriff’s Office to use a drone to help pinpoint Skippy's location before lowering a rescuer down. 

Skippy, who had gone missing in the park two days earlier, was returned to his owner with only minor cuts and scratches.

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