Dachshund Escapes Plane, Leads Newark Airport Workers on Hourlong Chase: Report

A Dachshund jetted off a plane at Newark Airport Wednesday and led crews on an hourlong tarmac chase before its owner was let off her flight to collect the pup, according to a report.

The dog dashed off a Lufthansa flight as it was being loaded onto the plane about 7:30 p.m., the New York Post reports.

The wiener dog ran across runways for nearly an hour before authorities could corner the animal by a fence.

Emergency crews weren’t able to get hold of the cornered pup named Henry, so officials got the dog’s owner off the flight and brought her to the area where her pet was hunkered down, the Post reports. 

Once Henry saw his Mercer County, N.J., owner, he ran into her arms.

It’s not known whether the escape caused any delays.

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