Cuomo to de Blasio: Apologize

The report stated that de Blasio fundraisers circumvented campaign donation limits

Gov. Cuomo says he feels New York City's mayor should apologize for insinuating that the governor's office engineered the leaking of a report suggesting the mayor violated campaign finance laws.

"The mayor accused career public servants basically of unprofessional conduct in leaking the report," Cuomo said Wednesday at an unrelated event.

"That issue was investigated and the mayor was wrong. And he in my opinion falsely and recklessly accused public servants, who were just doing their job, of being unprofessional."

The report, written by Board of Elections Chief Enforcement Officer Risa Sugarman, stated that Mayor de Blasio fundraisers circumvented campaign donation limits in efforts to defeat Republican state Senate candidates in 2014.

The report has been sent to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, which is investigating the allegations.

A separate investigation revealed that the document was leaked by a spokesman for the state Board of Elections, an individual appointed by a Republican elections commissioner.

"As soon as this came up, I said publicly it was my guess that it was leaked by the Republicans who made the complaint in the first place," the governor said.

Cuomo criticized de Blasio for suggesting "with no evidence whatsoever" that the leak was a political attack perpetrated by the governor's office.

"So, do I think on the facts he was wrong? Yeah," Cuomo said. "I think he should apologize, but he makes his own decisions."

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