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Former NJ Inmate Conspired to Drone-Drop Contraband Into Prison: Feds

A former inmate at New Jersey's Fort Dix facility conspired to smuggle contraband into the prison by way of drone, federal prosecutors announced last week.

Prosecutors allege 27-year-old Johansel Moronta worked alongside three other men in a scheme to deliver contraband to inmates at the federal prison; charges have already been filed against the other three, they say.

Moronta's role was to coordinate the drone drops with two other inmates inside while the fourth person piloted the drone, officials claim.

Prison officials reportedly spotted the drone flying above an inmate housing unit back in October of 2018.

"Officers found Moronta leaving a bathroom in the area where the bag of contraband dropped from the drone had been found, along with bolts that secured an open rooftop hatch used to access the delivery," a release from the prosecutors said.

A phone was confiscated by the officers that showed communications between Moronta and the other parties allegedly tied to the scheme.

Moronta's conspiracy charge carries a five-year maximum and $250,000 potential fine, while the contraband possession charge could add one year and a fine up to $100,000.

Attorney information for Moronta was not immediately made available.

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