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Building Owner Sues Tenant After NYPD Busted Illegal Bottle Club With 120+ Inside

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A New York City landlord of a luxury townhouse has sued a tenant after he allegedly hosted a party with over 120 maskless people inside, according to court documents.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, attorneys for Eisdorfer 60 LLC accused 30-year-old Kurt David and co-tenant Jean Elbaum-David of hosting parties with hundreds of guests on a "consistent basis," sometimes more than once a week, disturbing others with loud music and posing health risks due to lack of COVID-19 safety protocol.

David and Elbaum-David would charge party guests $100 or more for entry and they would hire bouncers to help operate the illegal club, according to the lawsuit.

Authorities first busted the party at 1 Harrison St. once before on Feb. 28, but as the building owner alleged, the parties continued and NYC Sheriff deputies broke up another party over the weekend.

Photos provided by NYC Sheriff shows party attendees at Harrison Street.

Deputies said they found over 123 people inside the residence on March 19, consuming alcohol and marijuana while not social distancing. At least one minor, a 17-year-old, was in attendance. An NYC Sheriff spokesperson said the teen fell down a flight of stairs and was visibly intoxicated.

David was charged with unlawfully dealing with children, selling alcohol to minors, violating emergency orders and failing to protect health and safety. Four other people who were DJ's, a bartender and a worker were also charged.

The building owner also alleged in the lawsuit that David signed a one-year lease but he hasn't renewed it after it expired on Jan. 31.

It's unclear if David has a representative who can speak on his behalf regarding the charges or the lawsuit.

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