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2 Drivers Rack Up Over 1,000 Toll Violations, Get Cars Impounded by MTA


Two of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's most wanted were taken down this week, ending years of dodged tolls from a pair of motorists that collectively owed more than $100,000 in fees.

The MTA announced that "two of the agency’s top persistent toll violators" responsible for racking up several hundred toll violations each were stopped and had their vehicles impounded. Bridge and Tunnel officers busted the motorists at the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

Officers caught the first violator on Wednesday, a driver whose violations exceeded 600 in the span of a few years and came out to almost $69,000. The MTA said the driver was stopped for a suspended registration, and received summonses.

The second toll evader was stopped by officers the next day, also for a suspended registration. Their violations topped out at 440 and ran shy of $50,000, according to the MTA.

Officers from the Bridge and Tunnel division have specialized tech to read license plates and determine if the motorist has dodged toll fares. Over 1,300 drivers were busted last year for evading tolls.

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