Coyote Snatches Pet Yorkie in Mouth, Runs Away in New Jersey: Police

Police in a New Jersey community are warning residents to be on alert after a coyote walked away from a home with a dog in its mouth last week. 

Police in the Morris County township of Randolph say a homeowner let the pet Yorkie out at around 10 p.m. Tuesday and witnessed the coyote snatch the dog.

Neither of the animals has been seen since.

It's the latest coyote sighting in New Jersey. A man walking his dog was attacked earlier this month in Bergen County by a coyote that later tested positive for rabies. A second aggressive coyote was also found dead in a trap over the weekend; it was found non-rabid.

In nearby Saddle River, another rabid coyote attacked a man and his dog while he was working in the yard.

Coyotes have also been turning up more frequently in New York City. 

Wildlife experts say people can reduce the risk of coyote conflicts by not feeding them and securing trash and pets, among other steps.

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