Tape Measure Falls 50 Stories From New Jersey Construction Site, Kills Man: Police

A worker in his 50s died after being hit in the head by a tape measure that fell 50 stories from a construction site in Jersey City Monday, authorities say.

The man, identified in a police report as Gary Anderson, of Summerdale, delivered Sheetrock to a 50-story apartment building under construction on Christopher Columbus Drive near Marin Boulevard shortly before 9 a.m. He parked his truck near the Christopher Columbus Drive entrance, got out and stopped to speak to someone on his way to the building.

Anderson stuck his head inside a vehicle to talk to the person and as he pulled his head out, a 1-pound tape measure fell off the belt of a contractor working on the 50th floor, bounced off a piece of metal construction equipment about 10 feet off the ground and hit him in the head, police said.

Anderson was knocked out and later died at the hospital. Police said he went into cardiac arrest as doctors were treating him.

He was not wearing a hard hat, though he did have one in his car, according to police. The Jersey City Department of Public Safety said anyone working at a construction site must wear a helmet at all times.

It wasn't clear what company Anderson worked for, but Living Right, LLC was written on the side of the truck he drove to the site. A person who answered the phone at the company said it was a difficult time.

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