Con Artists Promise to Rid Woman's Life of Negativity, Then Steal Thousands From Her: Police

Police are searching for three people who they say promised to rid a Brooklyn woman’s life of negativity in a con that netted them thousands of dollars in cash.

The two women approached a 57-year-old woman near 65th Street and Eleventh Avenue in Dyker Heights back in June and asked her if they knew of a good doctor in the area.

The two women were joined by a man a short time later and the three suspects offered to rid the 57-year-old woman’s life of negativity if she handed over thousands of dollars in cash for them to bless, police say.

The victim went back to her home and got $5,200 for the suspects. She handed it over and they gave her a plastic bag that was tied shut. Police say they told her to walk away without looking back and not open the bag for two weeks.

When the woman got home, she opened the bag and found that her money was gone, replaced by newsprint and a bottle of water.

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