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Commuters Disgusted by Subway Platform Sex Assault at Manhattan Station

Commuters are disgusted after police say a woman was sexually violated in a Manhattan subway station.

A 22-year-old woman was waiting for an uptown train at the 14th Street subway station near Sixth Avenue early Friday morning in Greenwich Village when a man approached her and grabbed her private area, authorities said.

When she pushed him off, he shoved her onto the tracks. The victim suffered a broken wrist as a result of the fall. 

Straphangers are unsettled by the assault.

"It's ridiculous," said commuter Curtis Spence. "Maybe he's stick and has an issue, mental sickness, or something. [He] needs some help."

"I think it's a part of the systematic sex abuse that goes on in transit all over the city," said commuter Corin Whitfield. 

Police say two Good Samaritans risked their lives to jump down onto the tracks and pull the woman to safety. New Yorkers are hoping that the attacker is caught.

"For the Samaritans that helped her out, it shows you that New York people, we do care about each other," said straphanger Raheem Hamilton. "It's a sad situation. I hope they do get that guy who pushed the woman onto the tracks.

Rider Morgan Ephrian was glad to hear about the selfless act, what she considers to be a rarity in the city.

"I love to hear that because that does not happen all the time," she said. "So it's good to hear that they helped her."

Police say they're looking for a man in his 20s, around 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall, last seen in an orange sweatshirt and dark jeans.

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