Feds Smoke Out Cocaine Hidden in Fish-Shaped Plates

The suspect hid $50,000 worth of cocaine in fish-shaped dinner plates, officials said.

A suspected drug smuggler tried to hide cocaine inside fish-shaped dinner plates but was caught by customs agents at John F. Kennedy Airport, officials said Friday.

Officials say the suspect was trying to smuggle the plates into JFK from Colombia, via Peru, on March 16.

But agents became suspicious that the plastic plates weighed nearly three pounds.

Officials lifted one and found white powder falling out, which later tested positive for cocaine.

In all, the passenger had $50,000 worth of drugs hidden in the plates, officials said.

“This seizure serves as another example to the American public of CBP’s dedication and vigilance,” said Robert Perez, of New York’s Customs and Border Patrol office.

The suspect remains behind bars on federal narcotics trafficking charges. 

Customs officials say smugglers continue to come up with new ways to slip drugs into the U.S.

Recent cases at JFK include hiding drugs in chocolate bars and the bellies of puppies.


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