Woman Accidentally Backs Into 5-year-old Boy, Pins Him Underneath Minivan in Astoria: NYPD

A woman accidentally hit a 5-year-old boy with her minivan, then pinned underneath the vehicle in Queens on Saturday.

Emergency Medical Services responded to a call just before 11 a.m. Saturday about a pedestrian child who was struck by a vehicle near 24th Avenue and 24th Street in Astoria, fire officials said.

A female neighbor got into her Volkswagen minivan as the boy played on a scooter, while wearing a helmet, in the driveway of his home, police said.

The 58-year-old neighbor began to back out of her driveway when she spotted the 5-year-old coming out from behind the car and panicked. She then hit reverse and struck the boy with her Volkswagen, leaving her in total shock as he was pinned underneath the minivan. 

The woman was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, and authorities say she will not face charges. The boy was removed from underneath the vehicle and taken to Elmhurst Hospital in stable condition. 

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