NJ Carjacking Victim Slashes Thieves With Box Cutter: Police

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A man in a vehicle that was being carjacked in New Jersey Saturday morning slashed the two robbers with a box cutter, according to police. 

Police in Newark said that two alleged carjackers, 19 and 17, were arrested on robbery, carjacking, conspiracy and weapons charges after they tried to steal a car from a driver who offered them a ride. But they were foiled by a backseat passenger who slashed them with a box cutter when they allegedly pulled out a gun.

Authorities said that the two alleged thieves flagged down the car at about 9:30 a.m., and the driver agreed to give them a ride. Then, when the car stopped at Keer Avenue and Hobson Place, one of the two suspects pulled out a gun and demanded the vehicle's three original occupants to hand over their phones, wallets and the keys to the car. 

That's when authorities said that one of the passengers picked up a box cutter and began slashing at the alleged thieves. 

After the slashing, the two suspects ran out of the vehicle. The three original occupants did the same. 

Police were then called to the scene and found the three occupants and two thieves at the scene. 

The two suspects were arrested and taken to University Hospital with minor injuries.

The three occupants weren't charged with any crimes, but Newark police are urging robbery victims not to try to fight with their assailants.

Anyone with information about the robbers is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-877-NWK-TIPS.

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