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Mom Walking With Teen Daughter Killed by Car on Mother's Day: Police

What to Know

  • The mother and daughter had just left church and stopped at a bakery when they were struck, police say
  • The 80-year-old driver was trying to maneuver out of a parking spot when she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, police said
  • The mother pushed her 16-year-old daughter out of the way, saving her life, police said

A mother and daughter who had just left church and picked up treats at a bakery on Mother's Day were struck by a car that jumped the curb and hit them on the sidewalk, police said. 

Diane Aluska, 55, pushed her 16-year-old daughter Jenna out of the way of a Toyota Corolla, saving her life, Suffolk County police said. 

The mother was pinned under the car, police said. Witnesses pushed the car off of her, police said. Aluska died of her injuries. 

The driver was backing out of a parking spot on South Wellwood Avenue when she hit the gas instead of the break, police said. She backed into the pedestrians, then hit the Lindenhurst Fire Department building, police said. 

The daughter was hurt but is expected to be OK, police told NBC 4 New York.

The mom and daughter had left church, then went to a bakery before they were struck, witnesses said. 

The street was strewn with rolls from the bakery and carnation flowers. 

The driver, Ann Riolo, 80, of Lindenhurst, was also injured, police said. Her car was impounded for a safety check, police said. Police said the crash appeared accidentally and no one was charged. 

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