Car Slams into Applebee's Restaurant, 2 Hurt

The car went through the windows of the restaurant in New Jersey

Two people were hurt when a car slammed into an Applebee's restaurant in New Jersey Wednesday evening, police say. 

The car crashed into the front of the restaurant inside a strip mall at 273 Livingston St. in Northvale at about 7:15 p.m., according to police.

Witness Kaitlin Bell said she was pulling into the parking lot behind the driver of the car when she saw her crash. 

"She was going to park, and just went right through the window," said Bell, who described the driver as an older woman. 

"There was a big bang, and you could hear the windows shatter."

Two large windows were seen shattered on the scene, and tables were overturned. Workers were boarding up the windows and cleaning up, but the restaurant remained open. 

Two injuries were reported. It's not clear how serious they were, or if charges would be filed. 

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