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Burglaries Spike in NYC Neighborhoods Hit Hard by Sandy

Burglaries were up in the month after the storm on the Rockaway peninsula, Staten Island and Coney Island



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    New York City neighborhoods hit hard during Sandy reported an increase in burglaries in the month after the storm, prompting a boost in patrols, according to a published report. 

    Paul Browne, the NYPD's chief spokesman, told the Daily News the NYPD had "extended tours, patrolled with turret lights on at all times, and acquired hundreds of light towers and deployed them in places still without electricity" after the Oct. 29 storm. 
    The 100th Precinct, which includes the neighborhoods of Breezy Point, Rockaway Park and Belle Harbor in Queens, reported a 1,200 percent increase in burglaries, jumping from 5 in 2011 to 65 in 2012, according to NYPD statistics.
    The 60th Precinct, which covers Coney Island, saw burglaries increase from 17 to 50, a jump of 194 percent since the same time last year.
    On Staten Island, reported burglaries at the borough's three precincts increased 22 percent.
    Statistics show arrests were also up in these areas, but some victims -- many still struggling since the storm -- say they're still disappointed. 
    "It's just so unfortunate," Diane Perrotta, whose Breezy Point home was broken into on Nov. 23, told the Daily News. "I just think they're heartless and it's just disappointing."
    Other crimes were down in the days following the storm, including murder, rape, and assault. 

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