1 Killed in Fire That Engulfed 3 Buildings in Brooklyn: FDNY

One person has been killed in a massive fire that destroyed an abandoned Brooklyn building before spreading to two nearby buildings, including one where several families live, fire officials and neighbors say. 

The fire started at 420 Lincoln Ave. in Cypress Hills at about 8:30 p.m., and even as firefighters swarmed the area, the blaze showed no signs of stopping. Flames ripped through the roof of the abandoned building, then spread to the residential building next door, and then a third building nearby. 

Officials have not identified the person killed in the fire. They were expected to hold a news briefing later Tuesday night. 

Neighbors say the building where the fire started is vacant and has been an issue for years. They say authorities refuse to take out the vagrants who squat there. 

One woman who lives in the burning building was shaken as she assessed the damage. She was concerned about her dog inside.

"I'm worried, I'm just worried. My daughter and I were able to get out on time," she said. 

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