Bronx Zoo Twitter Cobra Launches Campaign to Rename Bronx Zoo

The zoo held a contest to rename the cobra, so the cobra wants to rename the zoo.

Just days after the Bronx Zoo began soliciting the public for possible names to call its 24-inch Egyptian cobra, which gained national renown when it escaped from its quarters in the Reptile House, the snake's surreptitious Twitter persona launched a campaign to rename the Bronx Zoo. 

Introducing the hashtag #RenameTheZoo, the now famous @BronxZoosCobra, who amassed hundreds of thousands of followers after the account creator started Tweeting updates imagining the snake celebrating its freedom around town, issued a call to New Yorkers.

"After seeing 5 finalist names to rename me, I've decide to have my own contest to rename The Bronx Zoo. Tweet your answer #RenameTheZoo," the fake slithery serpent Tweeted last night.

Hundreds of @BronxZoosCobra followers have responded so far, but here are some of the more amusing suggestions: 

  • Shawsnake Redemption @ Just_Jushin_Ya
  • Mammalcatraz @ phlebas
  • Crowbar Hotel @ lesliealee
  • Hisstorical Bronx Zoo @mmmdelicious
  • Cobra Cabana @BenjaminDavis01

Followers are also using the hashtag to comment on the zoo's chosen finalists for the cobra name.

On Monday, the zoo said it received 33,000 suggestions and narrowed it down to five finalists: Agnes, Cleopatra, Subira, Mia and Amaunet -- which means "the female hidden one." 

"We reviewed all the names and picked the most popular and the most appropriate," the zoo said in a statement.

The missing cobra sent shivers up city-goers' spines before it was found several days later.

The winning name is to be announced later this week. You can vote here.

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