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3 Bronx Science Track Athletes Accused of Hazing

Three Bronx Science High School track athletes are accused of hazing and forcible touching for alleged repeated attacks on a freshman teammate that included touching his genitals and anus through his clothing. 

The three boys, two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old, allegedly attacked the younger student more than once between December and last month.

On one occasion, according to the criminal complaint, one of the suspects told the victim "touch my penis for three seconds or I will rape you," and when he refused, the suspect bent him over and pressed his penis into his buttocks, over his clothing.

Another day, two of the suspects told him "you're going to get a rape" and then held him down and lifted his legs in the air while one of the boys violated him through his clothing, the complaint says. The boys repeatedly performed variations of that assault on different days, according to the complaint.

In a separate alleged attack, one of the suspects told the victim "don't resist, we won't hurt you."

The suspects are charged with hazing, harassment, forcible touching and assault, police said.

The parents of the 17-year-old suspect told NBC 4 New York he denies the allegations, and they questioned the way the investigation was carried out.

"So far, the only thing we have is the words of one kid, that's all. No proof whatsoever," said the teen's mother, adding that her son had not made a written statement.

The high school junior's parents said their son maintains a 90 average and races competitively, and are worried their son's reputation and college aspirations have been unfairly damaged.

"My son is the one who spent more than 24 hours in jail," said the teen's father. "He's the one who lost the opportunity to compete in New York state. He's the one who needs now to fight those false allegations." 

The track team has been prevented from attending any more meets in the season until the investigation is complete, according to Department of Education officials. 

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