Driver Wearing Oxygen Mask Slams Into One LI Store, Backs Up Into Another

A 74-year-old motorist witnesses said was driving with an oxygen mask crashed through the front of a Long Island grocery store Thursday afternoon, then backed up and slammed into a second store in the same shopping center.

Footage from the scene in Brentwood shows a gaping hole in the entryway of the Food Bazaar on Wicks Road. Just across the parking lot, less than a 100 feet away, was a similar scene at the Rainbow clothing; two other parked cars were also hit.

The driver, who witnesses said also had an oxygen tank, was alert after the twin crashes but was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Two people inside the grocery store were hit and also suffered minor injuries. The incident shook up shoppers and store workers alike.

“It was loud, like a twister,” said the clerk at Rainbow. "It just blew all the windows out.....he could have killed anyone in the store."

Another witness added, "It was ridiculous. Everybody was screaming. They were shook. I was shook!"

The 74-year-old isn’t facing charges in the accident.

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