Boys Brandishing Swords, Daggers Threatened NJ Kids: Police

What to Know

  • Two 14-year-old boys face charges, including making terroristic threats
  • Police say the boys threatened two other kids with BB guns, daggers and swords
  • The boys allegedly fired the BB guns as they walked around the home, and police say they fired at one of the kids but missed

Two boys face serious charges after they shot up a home with BB guns and threatened other children with an arsenal of daggers and swords they had, police say.

The two 14-year-olds were arrested by Franklin Police Thursday after the madness unfolded at a home on Rutherford Avenue.

Police say the duo had been invited into the home by two other kids, but when they got inside they began firing off BB guns to intimidate them. At one point one of the teens fired a BB gun at the kids, nearly striking one of them, according to police.

The teens also brandished daggers and swords as they made the threats, police said. The weapons were allegedly found on the teens when police arrested them.

The two of them were charged with multiple counts of possessing weapons, along with making terroristic threats and pointing a firearm at another to intimidate them.

Sussex County Juvenile Detention officers placed active house monitoring bracelets on the teens until their court appearances and both were released to their parents, police said.

No injuries to the two other children were reported.

It's unclear if some sort of dispute led to the altercation. 

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