Bleach Thrown in Woman's Face on Street: Police

A woman had bleach thrown in her face on a Bronx street by someone with whom she's had an ongoing dispute, according to authorities and witnesses.

Police and EMS were called to Franklin Avenue and East 168th Street at about 4 p.m. for a report of a dispute there, according to FDNY.

There, officers found a 21-year-old woman on the ground, suffering injuries from some type of liquid on her face. 

The victim's mother told NBC 4 New York the young woman was talking to a friend when another woman came up from behind her and threw the liquid in her face.

"She said, 'Mommy, the lady walked up to me and threw bleach on my face, she just threw bleach all over me,' and she was screaming hysterically on the phone," said mother Joanne Lambert. "By the time I got here, she was in an ambulance." 

Surveillance video shows the victim walking and then being doused with the liquid. The victim holds her face moments after the attack.

"She couldn't open her eyes, she kept trying to and she wasn't opening her eyes," said witness Krystle Martinez. 

A bystander throws water onto the victim in an attempt to help her, video shows, and a nearby crowd of people waiting for the bus watch. First responders arrived soon after. 

Police said there was an ongoing dispute between the victim and the woman who threw the liquid. 

The woman was taken to Bronx Lebanon Hospital, where she is listed in serious but stable condition. Police are testing the liquid to see what it was. 

No arrest has been made. 

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