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#BirdBoxChallenge Hits the Streets of Brooklyn

What to Know

  • The #BirdBoxChallenge based on the Netflix original film has become a trending challenge on social media.
  • The challenge has gone viral and consist of people blindfolding themselves and navigating their way.
  • Netflix issued a statement warning people to be safe and not hurt themselves attempting this challenge.

With the #BirdBoxChallenge becoming the latest viral stunt to take off on social media, it was only a matter of time before New Yorkers would film themselves attempting it. 

The challenge has gone viral in the week since the film "Bird Box" premiered on Netflix, and consists of people putting on blindfolds and trying to navigate the world, similar to the characters of the movie.

In the film, Sandra Bullock’s character is seen trying to save her children's lives by leading them around while blindfolded. If they were to remove their blindfolds, a supernatural entity would lead them to die just by looking at it.

In a video posted to Twitter from Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, a group of men are seen attempting the #BirdBoxChallenge while heading to the subway. 

The group shuffles along the sidwalk until one man takes off running around the corner.

It's not clear what happens next, but when the cameraman catches up, the man is seen on the ground at the bottom of a stairwell into the Kingston-Throop Avenue subway station, landing at the bottom of the stairs.

It's not clear if the man was injured or if he was simply playing it off as a joke, but Netflix isn't taking any chances with the potentially dangerous challenge. 

In a tweet Tuesday, the streaming service asked fans not to hurt themselves attempting the challenge.

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