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This Is the Best Chinese Restaurant in New Jersey, According to a New Report

There is plenty of great Chinese food in New Jersey, but which restaurant serves the best?

A new report by The Daily Meal has named the best Chinese restaurant in every state and Hunan Taste in Denville has been named the best in New Jersey.

The upscale eatery has been serving up delicious Chinese fare since 1986.

The spacious restaurant features elaborate decorations, making it a great place for a night out. However, Hunan Taste also offers lunch and takeout menus

The menus feature a wide range of Chinese classics as well as house specialties.

The Daily Meal pointed out the restaurant's popular offerings, which include soup dumplings, steamed or fried whole fish, Peking duck, Mandarin pork chop and filet mignon. 

Find out which Chinese restaurant was named the best in your state here.

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