New Banksy Work in NYC: Sculpture of Ronald McDonald

The sly graffiti artist Banksy has left another work on the streets of New York City -- this time, a sculpture of Ronald McDonald having his comically large clown shoe shined by a live person.

Photos posted on his website and Instagram account Wednesday show the fiberglass sculpture in the South Bronx. The website said it will appear outside a different McDonald's every day at lunchtime for the next week.

An audio clip on the website describes the work as "a critique of the heavy labor required to sustain the polished image of a mega-corporation."

The British artist has been adorning city streets with his works, mostly graffiti paintings, in what he says is an artist's residency here.

On Tuesday in Tribeca he left a painting of the World Trade Center towers, adorned with a flower at the site where the north tower was struck by a plane.

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