Man Stuck Up By Robbers in Suits Chases Them With Nunchucks

Police are looking for three men in dress suits in connection with an armed robbery of a business in Queens that witnesses said left the business owner fighting for his life and his son injured. 

Cops said the suspects robbed a store on 101st Avenue in Ozone Park around 10:30 a.m. Monday. Patrons of a nail salon next door said they heard a loud bang against the adjoining wall that police said was the sound of a gunshot.

"We heard a big bang, you could literally feel the wall of the nail salon, it vibrated a little bit," said Areefa Hussain. "We were like, 'Maybe someone fell or fell against the wall.'" 

The noise sent dozens running outside, and witnesses saw a man shot in the head. Another man, later determined to be the son of the man who was shot, with a deep gash above his eyebrow was seen chasing after the men with what appeared to be a set of nunchucks. The son even kicked the well-dressed robbers as they made their getaway.

Alister Alsuran said he spoke to the son: "I think he said they hit him with a gun and they were trying to shoot him, and he got the magazine from them. I don't know how he did it." 

Surveillance video show three men in suits running down 101st Avenue and hopping in a black car. 

It's not clear what the men wanted. The wounded father and son are in the wholesale business and don't allow many people inside, neighbors said. 

Witnesses initially said the father had died from the gunshot wound; authorities said Monday afternoon he was still in critical condition at the hospital. 

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