An Online Comic Grows in Brooklyn

Times are tough, and that's why three roommates in Brooklyn recently recommended using a flashlight and a phonebook for their Statue of Liberty halloween costume, and ninjas just need silverwear to look the part. But don't worry, these guys aren't experts in playing dress-up, rather, their advice came in "Bodega Ave.," their online comic that walks the line between Doonesbury and the popular web comic XKCD.

The roommates created Bodega Ave about two years ago, and have been cooking the thing up out of their Brooklyn apartment ever since. They focus on politics, urban life, and pop culture - "stuff that irks us," Tatiana Suarez-Pico told the Daily News. Other topics include global warming, the economy, and gentrification.

Their characters are based partly on real life, and can even be compared to our new president-elect. “We wanted to give voice to characters who are multiracial and multicultural,” says López. “It’s a reflection of real life. Obama is a prime example that mixed individuals are coming to the forefront.” It's been fifty-two webisodes since the trio kicked things off, and they're still going strong at, their blog, on Facebook and MySpace.

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