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School Might Stop Sending Coeds to Letterman

Letterman's sex scandal might affect intern program



    School Might Stop Sending Coeds to Letterman
    David Letterman told a dumbstruck audience that he was blackmailed for $2 million over sexual affairs with Late Show staffers.

    David Letterman will probably not be getting too many coed interns from Quinnipiac University, according to a faculty member who recently spilled the beans.

    "We will diligently oversee this internship program to ensure that our interns are out of harm's way," an unidentified faculty member told TMZ.

    The school’s not confirming the story -- but they're not denying it either. The school's intern Web site shows that students have been placed with Letterman's show.   

    “Those comments were made by an individual faculty member who has absolutely no authority to speak to the media on behalf of the university,” Lynn Bushnell, vice president for public affairs, said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon. “The university does not have a comment on this matter.”    

    Two weeks ago, Letterman shocked his audience by making the stunning on-air revelation he had sex with a number of staffers and claimed that someone demanded $2 million to keep the news quiet.

    Robert “Joe” Halderman, of Norwalk, is accused of blackmailing Letterman about an alleged affair he was having. Halderman was living with the woman, Stephanie Birkitt, who also happened to be an intern, and later an assistant to Letterman and appeared often on the show. 

    Law enforcement officials told the Associated Press that Halderman copied Birkitt’s diary, which contained details of her affair with Letterman, and tried to use it to get money out of Letterman.

    Halderman was arrested after allegedly trying to cash a $2 million check made out to him by the late night host.