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Russell Simmons Backs Mosque Near Ground Zero

Hip-hop mogul spells out "coexist" in windows of his apartment across from WTC side



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    Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons demonstrated his support for a proposed mosque near ground zero with a window display.

    Simmons placed spiritual symbols in the windows of his lower Manhattan apartment that spell out the word "coexist.'' He lives directly across the street from the World Trade Center site.

    His friend Glen Friedman said he designed the peace-promoting symbols.

    The word is spelled out with an Islamic crescent for "C'' and ends with a Christian cross for "T.''

    The mosque would be part of an Islamic community center to be built two blocks from ground zero.

    Supporters of the mosque say religious freedom should be protected. Opponents say the mosque should be moved farther away from where Islamic extremists destroyed the trade center on Sept. 11, 2001.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg reiterated his vociferous support for the construction at an event Tuesday night marking the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.