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Power On, Power Off: Some in NJ Get Power Back, Then Lose It

They're losing patience after losing power.



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    As utility companies struggle to return power to hundreds of thousands across the tri-state area, many are dealing with the indignity of having their power turned on, only to lose it again.

    Teaneck, N.J.'s David Secemski says the back and forth has been beyond frustrating.

    The father of three said his power went out during the Saturday storm, like every other household in his neighborhood.

    At first, his family stayed across town with his sister.

    And then, he said, power came back to his house on Monday afternoon. The family settled in and went to bed Monday night.

    "Everything was pretty normal," Secemski said.

    But then sometime overnight, the night light went out in his daughter's bedrooms, waking her up. She then woke up her parents.

    The family has stayed at home since then, with plenty of blankets to ward off the chilly weather, especially at night.

    The lights came back on Wednesday afternoon, but he fears it might not last.

    And in fact, PSE&G spokeswoman Bonnie Sheppard said that is possible.

    She explained that broken strands hidden inside electric wires, or nicks in insulation unseen by linemen, could cause the power to go back down.

    If it happens, she urges customers to call the utility right away.

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