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Possibly Rabid Fox Attacks Women, Children, Dogs in NJ



    Possibly Rabid Fox Attacks Women, Children, Dogs in NJ

    A possibly rabid fox in New Jersey has attacked two children and a woman walking her dogs and has fought with another dog.

    It remains on the loose in the neighborhoods or forests of the High Mountain Reservation bordering Wayne, Franklin Lakes and Oakland.

    The Wayne Police Department is warning residents with a recorded call to "keep all doors locked" and not to leave children or pets outside unattended. Listen to the call here.

    The animal was first spotted sleeping in a backyard on Sturbridge Circle in Wayne, N.J.

    "Its behavior, aggressiveness, the fact it's doing this in the daytime" all lead officials to believe it is rabid, according to Wayne Police Detective Captain James Clarke.


    Any individual who had contact with the fox of any kind is being urged to see a doctor for a rabies check.

    Clarke explained that the two children of Holly Safer, a boy and a girl, were approached by the fox, which bit the tire of one of their bicycles.

    Then, Clarke said, "it went after one of the children and bit the pants of the child."

    Later, the fox attacked Melissa Gordon while she was walking her dogs. The animal bit her leg, though its teeth did not penetrate her pants.

    Finally, the fox was spotted by Maria Elliot when it got into a fight in her yard with her dog.

    Despite the multiple sightings, police haven't been able to catch up with the fox.

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