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Nutrition Guru Sues Manufacturer of His Own Product

Gary Null gets a taste of his own medicine.



    Nutrition Guru Sues Manufacturer of His Own Product
    Gary Null is suing the New Jersey-based manufacturer of his Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal, claiming the inadequately tested product nearly killed him.

    Controversial alternative health, medicine and nutrition guru Gary Null says his own product almost killed him.

    Null filed a suit in Manhattan Supreme Court against the manufacturer of his Gary Null’s Ultimate Power Meal, Triarco Industries, claiming that the company is responsible for his mental and physical suffering after he ate the dietary supplement.

    In the suit, Null, 65, says that he experienced kidney damage and "excruciating fatigue along with bodily pain," and he "began to suffer from extreme cracks and bleeding from within his feet."

    Null continued to take the Ultimate Power Meal, the suit says, even after he "had to be in bed with his feet elevated because it was so painful he did not have the strength to walk,” thinking that it would help and relieve his conditions, but it instead made it worse.

    "Null would later be told that if he had not flown back to New York and seen his doctor, then he could have died within a short period of time," the suit continues.

    After the natural healing advocate was examined by his doctor, tests showed that he had elevated levels of Vitamin D in his system. Null later learned that the Ultimate Power Meal had 1,000 times the amount of Vitamin D than the label stated.

    "Null then sequestered himself and fasted,” says the suit, “only consuming massive amounts of water as he was told there was no medical treatment to lower the amount of Vitamin D in his system.”

    Null claims that the New Jersey-based Triarco Industries overloaded the product with Vitamin D, and accuses the company of failing to perform adequate testing. The suit is seeking $10 million from the manufacturers, and the tainted supplements have been recalled from stores.

    Six other Ultimate Power Meal consumers were also hospitalized with severe kidney damage, and "Null, in the midst of all this, while he was suffering in bed, had dozens of his customers calling him, along with condemning and threatening him," the suit says. Some customers also said that they would never buy anything of his again.

    Null, whose products include anti-aging, anti-stress, air and water purification, fitness DVDs,  “Heavenly” hair care, and pet care merchandise online -- as well as an Upper West Side health food store -- is said to still be recuperating and occasionally urinating blood.

    "It took three months to get his blood seemingly back to where he was able to function. Even now, Null's condition is questionable," the suit says. "Unfortunately, there is no medical treatment for this as it is a matter of waiting, watching and observing what develops next."