Fall Leaves 2 Workers Dangling from NY Bridge - NBC New York

Fall Leaves 2 Workers Dangling from NY Bridge

The workers on the Newburgh-Beacon bridge were able to climb up and walk away unharmed



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    Two construction workers were working on a bridge over the Hudson River Wednesday morning when supports gave way and left them dangling in their harnesses.
    The New York State Bridge Authority is investigating the accident on the Newburgh-Beacon bridge over the Hudson River.
    The agency tells the Times Herald-Record of Middletown that the men were able to climb to another part of the bridge and walk away unharmed.
    Officials say the men were stringing steel cables to support a containment system designed to keep debris from falling into the river.
    The agency will investigate why the temporary supports failed.

    The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge connects Orange and Dutchess counties.